About us

Avrorum Avrorum – is an international economic blockchain platform for business aimed at automation and optimization of enterprise performance.

Task – the expansion of blockchain technology and crypto-currency into real economy.

Mission the stimulation of changes in economic interrelations between B2B (Business - Business), B2C (Business - Client) based on blockchain philosophy.

It is also an aggregation platform for rendering services and realization of goods for “off-line” and on-line enterprises.

What tasks does Avrorum solve?

Creation of effective tools for business at Blockchain, as a result - attracting business to the industry. Popularization of using of crypto currency in the business sector. Creation an ecosystem for business. Promotion of 'Economy 2.0'. Creation of a universal platform for analytics and business accounting in 'Economics 2.0'. Creation the possibility of anonymity in business activities.


«All existing CRM \ ERP - systems are centralized, and have a single source of management and power - which can be abused. Except Avrorum. Because Avrorum is DAO»

What is included in Avrorum?


The company or anyone can provide services, sell the product while receiving full analytics.


Electronic document management, inventory management, financial accounting, transactions support, nomination and control of tasks, the creation of projects and subtasks, marketing and promotion tools, messenger, VoIP telephony, graphical analytics are all tools of CRM \ ERP.

Crypto currency

The ability to accept crypto currency for payment, pay salaries to employees in the crypto currency, while receiving full financial analysis and accounting.

Market of Applications

Expanded API for developing decentralized applications on the Avrorum platform, placing modules in the application market with the ability to sell//purchase these applications.

Crypto-Currency POS Terminals

Terminal based on developments 'Octopus Engine'. Program analytical software from the Avrorum team.

Business Tools

Various tools for business, such as: Landing Page Builders, automatic funnels, auto-dialing, chat bots, distribution tools.

Advantages Avrorum









Documentation Chain




  • An innovative integrated business environment for any company.
  • Optimizing the taxation.
  • A unique opportunity to profit from the income and capitalization of the entire project to any enterprise or anyone who wants.
  • Ability to trade AvroToken on stock exchanges.
  • Using AvroToken as a safe means to accumulate and preserve capital.
  • Direct participation in the development of the project, as well as additional income for this.
  • Convenient use of the crypto-currency to the business sector, obtaining full automatic analytics, accounting and reporting.
  • Secure and private document workflow, both internal and external.
  • Quickly create document templates for the convenience of enterprise reporting on revenue in the crypto-currency.
  • Convenient opportunity to accept crypto-currency and pay to salaries with her help.
  • Automatic transfers of ordinary money to and from the crypto-currency.
  • Exclusion of enterprise data leakage.
  • The exclusion of document forgery, as documents will forever be stored in Blockchain.
  • Ability to work without connecting to the Internet.
  • Creating and connecting additional functionality for the company.
  • Additional income of companies with remuneration in the crypto-currency of the Avrorum project.
  • Accounting for goods in the warehouse and in stores with the inability to forge data.
  • Maximum customization of the functional and adjustment to the specification of the company.
  • The ability to sell goods and provide services directly on the platform.
  • Obtaining tools for marketing and promotion of companies.
  • Data loss elimination due to their distribution.
  • Complete privacy of the companies' work, eliminating the possibility of data leakage even from the developers.

Technical Architecture




The document information has 2 series of data, the headers of the document "Time", who sent the document, who participates in the document approval chain, as well as the content of the document itself.

content, files, img
head, hash, ipfs


IPFS - the peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol will store the entire heavy weight of data from all modules.

haash, document

decentralized data

In a decentralezed network, we will write the headers of information modules.

ICO Roadmap

  • Step 1
    Alpha Version

  • Step 2
    White Paper

  • Step 3


  • Step 4

  • Step 5
    Beta version

  • Step 6
    Stable version

development Roadmap

  • Step 1
    Development of a basic platform based on blockchain

  • Step 2
    Redesign of the platform
  • Step 3
    Integration of the basic method of decentralization of modules
  • Step 4
    The introduction of the "IPFS" technology into the platform.

  • Step 5
    Module "DAO"
  • Step 6
    Module "Tasks and projects"
  • Step 7
    Developer API
  • Step 8
    Module "Banking"
  • Step 9
    Module "Internal workflow"
  • Step 10
    Module "Financial Accounting"
  • Step 11
    Module "Warehouse accounting"
  • Step 12
    Module "Analytics"
  • Step 13
    Module "Transactions"
  • Step 14
    Module "Marketplace"
  • Step 15
    Mobile application Avrorum
  • Step 16
    The module "VoIP telephony"
  • Step 17
    Module "Business Tools"
  • Step 18
    Module "Market applications"
  • Step 19
    Module "POS Terminals"
  • Step 20
    Module "Exchange"

ICO Implementation Plan

Tokens will be released on the Waves platform



Spend time: 10 Days

PreICO: 30% - 18 000 000 AvroToken 
Discount: 40% 
Price: 0.42$


Total issue of tokens

Team, Bounty

Total emission: 100% - 72 000 000 AvroToken 
Team: 15% - 10 500 000 AvroToken 
Bounty: 2% - 1 500 000 AvroToken 
Price: 0.60$



Spend time: 26 Days

ICO: 70% - 42 000 000 AvroToken 
Time spending: 26 Days, 4 Stage. 
4 days - 15% (discount) – 0.51$ (price) 
5 days - 10% (discount) – 0.54$ (price) 
7 days - 5% (discount) – 0.57$ (price) 
10 days - 0% (discount) – 0.60$ (price)

... ...

Pricing policy of the project

Information for investors

CRM\ERP - $ 1 per day

Marketplace - free of charge

Guarantor service on the Marketplace - 5% of the transaction amount.

Exchange - 0.3% per transaction.

Paid applications in the 'Application Market' - 5%.

POS Terminals - 50% of the profit for transaction servicing (50% of the profit is received by partners Avrorum - Octopus Engine)

Prices for services provided by the project are formed on the principle of 'Daily automatic write-off from an internal account. 'But not all services on the project are paid. Acceptance of payments is carried out only in the Crypto currency. For convenience of perception, prices are equated to the dollar.

On the entire platform, you can operate with such crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash (The remaining crypto-currencies will be added during the voting of participants).

All investors of the project Avrorum, who participate in PreICO\ICO with a sum of 500 USD. Have the opportunity to lifetime free use of the platform with all its further updates.

Possibility of receiving dividends. Anyone who owns tokens will receive income from project activities. Dividends are accrued in proportion to the number of coins stored in the wallet.

Dividends can also be paid in the same crypto currency as the user chooses (Bitcoin\Ethereum\Dash + when connecting other crypto-currencies to the platform, you can specify them).

Bitcoin Avrorum


Litecoin Avrorum


Ethereum Avrorum


Dash Avrorum


Waves Avrorum


Avrorum is a self-regulatory system, an instrument of Economics 2.0

Plan for the use of the ICO fund


The value of AvroToken

- Ability to use the platform for free.

Anyone who participates in the PreICO \ ICO with an amount of 500 conventional units (in dollar equivalent) will be able to further free use of the platform.

- Ability to receive additional rewards.

1.Remuneration for participating in voting (in DAO Avrorum).
2.Remuneration for the distribution of crypto-currency POS Terminals.
3.Remuneration for the development of decentralized modules in the application market.
4.Remuneration for maintaining the network.
5.The possibility of speculation AvroToken on exchanges.

- Entering the DAO Avrorum and receiving dividends.

After PreICO \ ICO, specialized tokens (SmartContract) will work, the tokens with PreICO\ICO will be exchanged 1 to 1 for these tokens. Revenues of the Avrorum project will be charged to the budget of the 'DAO' in an automatic mode, after the coordination of all expenses in the DAO, monthly, the revenues will be accrued to all owners of AvroToken by their number.


We have tried to answer the most important questions.

Why do you need Blockchain? There are many other CRM \ ERP systems

- Firstly, all such products have a central server and a central management that takes and decides what to do with information about business activities of their customers, how the product will develop further, and can abuse of the rank.

Our goal is to exclude any central management and ownership of the product, so that AvroToken owners make decisions themselves  by voting in the platform about all possible innovations, changes, improvements, concepts and 'openness'.

'Decentralized Autonomous Organization' (DAO)

Secondly, this is the fact that all company data will be distributed among the participants in BlockChain, thus you will be sure that the security and invariability of your information will remain in Blockchain, achieving the maximum integrity of the data.

Why do you need 'DAO'?

- Technology 'DAO' creates the possibility of decentralization and autonomy in management - this excludes the monopoly of power in the same hands and abuse of it, excludes the possibility of pressure from outside forces.

Technology 'DAO' allows you to create economic models that satisfy all participants. The technology has the highest limit of strength, flexibility, and efficiency.

What is Blockchain?

- Blockchain is a decentralized database based on peer-to-peer (p2p) network, general registry and cryptography of public and private key. Entering in the Blockchain network, the user connects to other computers on the network in order to swap data with them: blocks and records. 

Having received new data, each user checks their correctness, and, having made sure of the authenticity, saves them, and also transfers the correct data further through the network. 

More detailed description in our WhitePapper.

How many people are in the main part? How is it formed?

- The basic structure is formed by 12 groups, in each of 4 people - this applies to all technical developers.

All developers who will deal with organizational, legal, marketing and other activities - are not required to form a similar principle. All this is required for further joining the 'mobile groups' described in White Paper.

What is the value of 'AvroToken' in 2 words?

- Ability to use the platform for free. 

- Receiving dividends. 

And as an additional: 

  1. Remuneration for voting.
  2. Remuneration for the distribution of crypto-currency POS Terminals.
  3. Reward for the development of decentralized modules in the application market.
  4. Reward for maintaining the network.
  5. Ability to speculate AvroToken stock exchanges.

When will the formation of the 'mobile groups' described in White Paper begin?

- Record will be possible already on PreICO \ ICO. The formation will be in the middle of the development of Beta version, when creating the functionality of 'DAO'.

It is not enough to create new crypto-currencies - it is necessary to stimulate the use of classic and time-tested: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and other


Alexandr Mikhaylov

Founder, Avrorum architect, Full stack web developer

Software and blockchain developer during 8 years, e-commerce, accounting, analytics and control programs developer during 3 years.

Andrew Moskovko

Founder, Avrorum architect

Trader, techno anarchist, 5 years in the field of building information networks and autonomous systems.

Dmitriy Volkov

Founder, business consultant

Blockchain enthusiast, in the business sector during 12 years, the owner of a large company.

Guomin Zhang

Chief representative of Avrorum in China

Business consultant, Blockchain enthusiast and technical engineer, in the business sector during 9 years.

Sergey Zaycev

Blockchain developer

In the construction of distributed peer-to-peer (p2p) networks during 2 years, in software development during 5 years.

Alexandr Konotopsky

Full stack web developer

A Blockchain enthusiast, in the development and construction of NodeJS projects during 9 years, an expert in information security networks.

Maksim Odintsov

Frontend developer

In the development of adaptive interfaces during 6 years, Web Designer, SMM specialist.

Dotun Wilfred

SMM Manager

Crypto-currency analyst, researcher, follower of blockchain technology.

Vladislav Kursakov


Animation designer, UX//Ui , 3D, 5 years in Web Design.

Join us!


Travis Mack

Business consultant on various ERP platforms for 12+ years with an avid interest in Crypto-currency and the blockchain.

Alexey Savvateev

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, research associate at CEMI RAS, professor of NES, specialist in "Theory of Games".

Sudip Nair

Agricultural Resource Based Economy with the help of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain